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  • When and How to use your Expert Pouch Jacket (EPJA3)
    All of our Expert Laminators come with a free A3 lamination pouch jacket, so that you can start laminating with confidence as soon as you have unboxed it. However we frequently get calls from customers who are unsure when, or why they would need to use the pouch jacket.
  • Replace a Razorback Paper Clamp
    The paper clamp is a strip of clear plastic that runs the length of the trimmer and applies pressure to the paper when used to stop the paper moving during use. In this guide we show you how to remove and replace a paper clamp for one of the Razorback trimmers.
  • Unjamming an Expert laminator (aka a ‘Card Test’)
    There are several ways in which a laminating pouch can get stuck to the rollers inside a laminator. If this happens you can potentially prevent the need to send the laminator back to us for inspection by performing, what we call a ‘card test’.